The Story of Time ~ The Story of Turtle & Tree
Song and narration on the legacy of time left to us by the ancient Maya

Most people today have never questioned the calendar by which we live…12 irregular months needing a rhyme to help us remember how many days in each month…a rhyme underscoring the illogical nature of the Gregorian calendar.  A far easier and more logical way to divide the solar year would be by 13 months of 28 days leaving one day out of time. Women have always known this for they carry within their bodies the 28-day cycle 13 times each year. 

Through most of its 26,000 year history humans have followed the Moon and used Moon calendars and of all the species on the planet today humans are the only ones not living according to the cycles of nature.

Long ago our planet was known as ‘Turtle Island’ by all Children of the Earth as the power of 13 is contained within the matrix on the back of Turtle’s shell while Tree keeps time one ring each year…let Great Grandmother Galaxy tell you her story…a beautiful story for ‘all ages’…

The ancient Maya left us their legacy of time to awaken our memory and to assist us in the unfoldment of our deeper human potential so that we can remember again that we are autonomous sovereign beings co-evolving with the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. José Argüelles ~ The Mayan Factor

According to José’s research, it is the artificial, mechanistic and irregularly measured time that has set the world apart from true and natural time. Does this not also establish the fact that humans may be living an error in time? 

It is with great pride that I bring to you the beautiful musical 'Story of Time' written by José Argüelles for all Children of the Earth to enjoy and learn from its ‘timeless’ wisdom…finally all in one place combining José’s beautiful art & text with my music. While José is no longer with us, I have carried out this joint mission in his Spirit and in his name…with love, Francine

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